Stylish Apartments in Two Elegant Villa Houses

The Střížkov Views project includes a total of 16 stylish 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 139 sq. m. to 173 sq. m. Private gardens complete the ground-floor apartments, while the upper floors offer spacious balconies and terraces. The apartments are divided into three zones – a private zone, social zone and entrance zone, the latter consisting of a generous entrance hall and a utility room, which is directly connected with the kitchen. Thanks to the utility room as well as to built-in wardrobes – whose assembly the apartments are prepared for – the apartments boast clean interiors with an abundance of storage space. The social zone – the large living room – presents a unique, representative space with large-scale, frameless windows. The price of the apartment includes one parking space of superior dimensions in an underground garage, linked via secured elevators with the rest of the villa-house. What is more, the facilities of the apartments include Kobra intelligent home control systems, Siemens or Miele appliances, wooden floors and stone tiles, air-conditioning, heated bathroom floors and much more.

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Floor Unit Layout Interior Balcony/terrace Cellar Usable Area Foregarden Price incl. VAT
1.NP A.1.1* 3+KK 159.73 m2 yes yes 64.81 m2 yes sold
1.NP A.1.2* 3+KK 154.06 m2 yes yes 68.30 m2 yes reservation
1.NP B.1.1* 3+KK 154.07 m2 yes yes 68.30 m2 yes sold
1.NP B.1.2 3+KK 93.62 m2 yes yes 20.46 m2 yes sold
2.NP A.2.3* 4+KK 173.60 m2 yes yes 17.67 m2 no sold
2.NP A.2.4* 4+KK 172.16 m2 yes yes 14.39 m2 no sold
2.NP B.2.3* 4+KK 172.91 m2 yes yes 13.64 m2 no sold
2.NP B.2.4 4+KK 174.00 m2 yes yes 16.91 m2 no sold
3.NP A.3.5* 4+KK 161.35 m2 yes yes 20.41 m2 no 21 448 544 CZK
3.NP A.3.6* 4+KK 160.07 m2 yes yes 17.07 m2 no 20 900 000 CZK
3.NP B.3.5* 4+KK 159.83 m2 yes yes 17.07 m2 no 21 128 892 CZK
3.NP B.3.6 4+KK 160.84 m2 yes yes 20.34 m2 no sold
4.NP A.4.7 yes yes no sold
4.NP B.4.7* 3+KK 140.56 m2 yes yes 13.24 m2 no sold
4.NP B.4.8 4+KK yes yes no sold

* The purchase price of each apartment includes 1 XL garage parking space and a cellar. An additional parking space can be purchased for CZK 450 000 incl. VAT.
** The purchase price of the A.4.8 apartment is not subject to VAT and does not include the property transfer tax fee.

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